Why your business needs online scheduling

June 27, 2017
Businesses that utilize online appointment scheduling usually see a 50 percent or greater reduction in no-shows.

Online appointment scheduling is fast becoming the preferred method, of both the client and the business, of booking an appointment, as it allows for the convenience of booking appointments 24/7. It is also an ideal way of alleviating the stress of a business’ staff, as 34 percent of appointments that are scheduled online are done after the office is closed. Online appointment scheduling also eliminates the need for making appointments over the phone, which more and more people these days are loath to do, and saves even more time for a business’ staff. In fact, businesses that implement online appointment scheduling are known to save 10-20 hours per week.

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6 Website Trends That Will Revamp Your Small Business’ Style

June 23, 2017
Exercise the following 6 design trends to “glow up” your business’ website and demand a second look from consumers on the Web:

We mostly perceive the advancement of technology at face value from the screens of our desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones. Like any other industry, the world of web design is no different. Every year, web design trends come and go, leaving the door open for new developments. Some even manage to stay. As much as these trends trickle down from huge tech moguls, they are also inspired by cultural events, pop culture, current news, and even fashion. Your small business’ web presence ought to evolve alongside the latest and greatest in design.

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