The 5 Steps You Need to Know About Marketing Your Small Business on Instagram

November 13, 2017
Here are some tips the NALA’s team has compiled, so your small business can successfully market and monetize through this social media platform:

At the NALA, we help your small business with social media management on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn to lighten the load of your social media marketing strategy. We do this so your small business can go on with daily operations and focus on growing.

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7 Reasons Why an SEO Strategy is Life-and-Death to Your Small Biz

November 3, 2017
With the following facts and figures in mind, your small business will see the value of investing in a long-term online marketing strategy that includes SEO to expand your brand’s reach and increase revenue over the long-term.

Even though October and Halloween have passed, perhaps the ghost of SEO still haunts your small business. SEO stands for “search engine optimization” and includes optimizing your brand’s website and online presence for organic search ranking. However, in 2017, SEO has evolved to include valuable Web content. More often than not, many small-scale and even medium-sized businesses don’t believe they will benefit from spending money on online marketing services, specifically an SEO strategy.

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