The Real 4 P’s of Marketing for Your Small Business Brand

October 20, 2017
With the following four points in mind, your small business will be able to cultivate a living, breathing brand that can’t be denied.

For any business to achieve long-term success, it must first develop a strong brand. At times, this effort might appear to defy the logic of marketing’s textbook cornerstones: price, promotion, place, and product. In practice (and the digital marketplace), marketing your business is less straightforward and much more subtle than ever before.

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The Top 4 Ways to Unite Your Small Business’ SEO and PR Efforts

October 13, 2017
The following four guidelines will better ensure that your small business’ SEO and PR efforts are benefiting each other, increasing your brand’s online exposure:

As more socializing and business transactions are taking place in the digital world, online marketing and public relations teams are working more closely together than in the past. No matter the approach, your business’ online presence will need to be integrated rather than compartmentalized.

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