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6 Must-Know Digital Marketing Trends for 2017 and Beyond

June 9, 2017
Start to think of creative ways you can portray your brand and communicate with your audience using visual imagery.

It’s also never too late to get informed about the latest trends and forecasts for your business’ digital marketing strategy. Make the time to incorporate the following six trends in your marketing endeavors to remain agile in the dynamic digital world.

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5 Surefire Ways to Ensure Cybersecurity

June 2, 2017
All of a business’ computers, including laptops, need to be protected against viruses, spyware and other malicious code.

Small business owners tend to assume they are not as at-risk for cyberattack as their larger brethren. In fact, more than 80 percent believe they “don’t have anything worth stealing.” However, most small businesses have digital assets, credit card information and other sensitive data that hackers prey on. Furthermore, theft of digital information is the most commonly reported fraud, eclipsing even physical theft.  

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