Basic Advertising Improvisational Soup

Published: jeffnala, date: January 22, 2015

Souplantation_store_front.jpgJanuary is National Soup Month and who doesn’t love a bowl of chicken noodle soup on a cold day. According to the Splendid Table, you can dictate the character of your soup by how you decide to start cooking it. Bold and sturdy flavors come from starting the soup by fast-browning the onions and some of the vegetables in good-tasting oil or butter over medium-high heat.  Mellow flavors are achieved with slow-stewing onions and essential ingredients, like herbs, in a little fat in a covered pot over low heat. Clear, real flavors come from simmering everything in liquid with no pre-sautés.

Advertising takes a unique mix of strategies to promote one business and garner results be it customers or an increase in revenue. Listed below are five advertising soups businesses can use these marketing strategies in advertising soups can be made multiple times during the year regardless of the weather. Bon Appetit!

Why You Should face Your Fears and Do Advertise Anyway?

Published: jeffnala, date: January 19, 2015


Promoting your business and building a brand is nothing to be scared of instead you should face your fears and accomplish the unthinkable.

It Takes a Community to Raise a Business

Published: jeffnala, date: January 15, 2015

Community involvement is incredibly vital; as a result, sustainable community produces sustainable businesses. As clearly stated in Yura Bryant’s Business Success Depends on Community Involvement. Cities and towns have the obligation to help local businesses thrive in the community. 


How to Respond to Customers via Social Media?

Published: jeffnala, date: January 12, 2015

Small Business owners - here is a New Year’s Gift. Please, however, do not thank me but instead thank Jonathan Michael for the gift of Social Media Response Flow Chart for Small Businesses

A Panda's First Snow Day; Google's 27th Version

Published: jeffnala, date: January 7, 2015

panda_in_snow.jpgNear the final quarter of 2015, Google released the 27th version of its Panda Update.  This update makes the search filter more precise to better identify low-quality content. Subsequently, this allows more small and medium-sized business sites that generate high-quality content to rank better. Although this is a much smaller change than Panda's May 2014 update, it still shows Google's listening to user feedback and doing what it can to reward smaller sites putting out good content.