Yes Your Business is Worth It

Published: jeffnala, date: August 31, 2015

Glamour_portrait_blue_sunglasses.jpgI have teenagers running around the house watching Vine videos without headphones and showing me the strangest and funniest memes one can image. The one song that I have heard multiple times over the summer is “Worth It” by Fifth Harmony.  I believe that all businesses are “Worth It”. They are worth all the time energy, effort, and to not only break even but become a long-standing fixture in the community. Here are eight ways your business is “worth it.”

Do You Measure Customer Satisfaction?

Published: jeffnala, date: August 27, 2015

dreamstime_m_21667053.jpgBusiness owners you can provide all the training and guidance to employees but if you do not monitor your customer service you will see the same mistakes crop up over and over again. Monitoring methods ensure consistency in customer service and offer feedback on problem areas that need to be addressed. I have highlighted three customer service metrics:

Customer Loyalty Program Models

Published: jeffnala, date: August 25, 2015

PetsCollage.jpgAccording to Jupiter Research, roughly 75 percent of consumers have a minimum of one loyalty card. Once enforced, these programs can help both customers and businesses equally. Experts estimate that it takes between two and ten times more to obtain a new client than to retain an existing one. 

Handle Angry Customers in 6 Easy Steps

Published: jeffnala, date: August 20, 2015

8.20_Steps.jpgDissatisfied customers are part of doing business. How you respond to the angry or irate customer will ultimately determine whether he or she tells friends, family, and acquaintances how awful your business is or instead rave about your excellent customer service. Overall your goal is to appease the customer and find a solution to their problem. Listed below are six steps you can take to diffuse an unpleasant situation:

Do Not Churn Butter with Your Customers

Published: jeffnala, date: August 18, 2015

8.18_ChurnButter.jpgCustomer service is akin to churning butter. Churning butter by hand takes about an hour when using a mason jar. As you spend time nurturing and gain new clients others will be leaving. Customers who leave your business is a churn rate. A high churn rate can drain your finances, ruin your credit, keep you from supporting your family, and crush your dream. The following 7 statistics represent the ramifications of a high churn rate: