Love the Charity You Support

Published: jeffnala, date: September 29, 2015

9.1_HighlyEngaged.jpgSeptember’s blogs have focused on charitable involvement for small, medium, and multi-location businesses. I recently learned a lesson about charitable involvement from our president Jeffrey Rosenthal and Kacky Kortenber. You must actively participate in the charity and be passionate about it’s mission. Business owners take your time when choosing a charity that will come to represent who you are as an individual and a member of the business community.

A Donor's Bill of Rights

Published: jeffnala, date: September 24, 2015

iStock_000009472770_Full.jpgYour business is the ideal place to promote good citizenship and volunteerism whether activities involve the entire team or encourage individuals to engage in the community. A Donor’s Bill of Rights guarantees that the charities and the business reap that rewards that come with helping people in the community.

3 Best Practices in Employee Volunteerism

Published: jeffnala, date: September 22, 2015

HandsAroundWorld.jpgEmployee volunteerism offers a tangible way for businesses to become more personally invested in tackling social problems, strengthen employee skills and morale, and cultivate a more positive and productive business environment. Together business owners, employees, and the community reap the benefits of employee volunteerism. The triangular effect of these advantages include:

9 Signs You Might be Getting Scammed

Published: jeffnala, date: September 17, 2015

MP900427606.JPGI worked at a fast food chain, and a man was selling candy in the parking lot to benefit a drug rehab program. People including myself bought the candy bars under the pretense that we were helping drug addicts rebuild their lives. Midway through my shift he dumped all the change from the envelope and bought dinner. I was upset and did not buy candy for awhile from this organization. My money was supposed to go help people not feed a scam artist. Some of charities and organizations will take advantage of your kindness and generosity.

3 Ways Community Service Benefits Your Business

Published: jeffnala, date: September 15, 2015

9.15_ThreeWays.jpgYour business receives positive publicity from community service which are essential for success in business. As you contribute to social causes and attract publicity, your visibility will be enhanced, which ultimately affects your sales.