Number Psychology And Why It Matters To Your Small Business’ Marketing

June 30, 2017
The way numbers are perceived depends on many factors so it is best to know your target demographic and what message you are trying to convey to them. Read up on the following digits to better understand when and how to apply them directly to your brand, website, or special offers

Numbers are not just the fundamentals for calculation, whether in numerical form or represented by a specific number of objects. They also contribute to a universal language of associations and meanings over time. Like colors, we gravitate towards certain numbers for various reasons. Unlocking the secret meaning behind numbers will help your business effectively use them in the midst of your marketing adventure. The way numbers are perceived depends on many factors (age, culture, gender, religion, etc.), so it is best to know your target demographic and what message you are trying to convey to them. Read up on the following digits to better understand when and how to apply them directly to your brand, website, or special offers:

No. 1: This number is often linked to beginnings and even the divine in some religious texts. Because of this, the number 1 is often related to creation and innovation. Similarly, it also marks high performance or superlative accomplishments. Champions of a game, contest, or race receive first place. This is why the number 1 signifies power and autonomy on numerous occasions. Use this number if you want to establish your brand’s image as “at the forefront.” It is also effective for communicating that you put your customers first.

No. 5 & No. 8: There are some studies that suggest numbers have genders. Through this lens, odd numbers are more angular and masculine, while even numbers are more curved and feminine. Some examples of this principle in practice include: Three Amigos, Five Guys Burgers, Elle 18, and 8th Story. If your target market is predominated by either men or women, you might want to choose an odd or even number to appeal to that specific gender group.

No. 7: This number is a widespread crowd pleaser. Many people are drawn to the number 7 because it appears throughout religion and remains constant across the globe. For example, in the Bible it took seven days to create the Earth. There are also seven colors in a rainbow, seven continents, and seven wonders of the world. Seven is also described as the luckiest number. Big companies that tap into the marvel and magic associated with this number include 7-Up as well as Jack Daniels Old No. 7. Consider using this digit within your marketing strategy to evoke awe from consumers and portray your brand’s presence as larger than life.

No. 10: If 7 sparks fascination, then the number 10 marks fulfillment and reliability for consumers. Because of its rational nature, it might not be the most captivating number to your target audience but is still very practical for establishing credibility. The number 10 is best utilized in marketing through lists and blog posts. Think of YouTube’s top ten list videos and clickbait articles that offer the 10 best tips or life hacks. When sharing informative content, the number 10 offers expectations and meets them every time.

No. 11 & the extra 1: Because of its extra ‘1,’ the number 11 counteracts 10’s full-circle effect. This numeral surpasses completion and exceeds what we can count on our 10 fingers, making it extremely offbeat and mysterious. For brands that have an unconventional identity, the number 11 is perfect for standing out from the crowd and conjuring a giant question mark above consumers’ heads. Consider the allure of KFC’s 11 Secret Herbs & Spices. In an age of status updates and oversharing on social media platforms, an implied inkling of mystery can be a breath of fresh air. This can also be achieved by adding a 1 to an otherwise even number. Levi’s implemented this tactic with their 501 jeans. This has undeniably helped the brand become more memorable in the minds of consumers. In order to effectively use numbers in your business’ marketing strategy, it will be vital to match the digits’ associations with your brand’s overall image and ethos. Congruency, above all else, will appeal to your target consumers.


Written by Melissa McElhose, NALA Blog Writer

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