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Bright beginnings for young children begin at Dawn’s Early Light and never end. Our center provides a nurturing and structured positive learning environment emphasizing developmentally appropriate practice for each age 6 weeks to 10 years. Self concepts such as individuality, social skills, independence and creativity are enhanced through carefully planned lessons and activities. Opportunities are provided each day for children to develop an active curiosity about the world they live in while developing an enthusiasm for learning.

Developmentally appropriate tools and curriculum help the children achieve success at every age from birth to 5 years. Dawn’s Early Light follows The Creative Curriculum as a guide for planning that includes social and physical development objectives, math and science skill objectives, music and fitness, literacy skills and an appreciation for art and music. The Creative Curriculum provides not only a guide for lesson planning but allows the teachers to plan daily activities based on developmental assessments for each child. Unlike other early childhood curriculums, The Creative Curriculum includes children birth through age 5.

We try to make sure that staff and families are communicating regularly, to ensure the highest level of education and care for your child. We hope that your years with us will be satisfying, enjoyable and filled with “Dawn’s Early Light” memories. Our goal is to welcome you into our family and foster your child’s growth and development at each stage of their early childhood.

Our before and after school program provides a safe and healthy environment for children 5 through 10 years of age each day before school and after school where we encourage caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.

Dawn’s Early Light Summer Adventures begins when school lets out and continues until school resumes in August. We provide a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities led by trained leaders to give the children an unforgettable experience. Children form a sense of community and lasting friendships.

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