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Emmie Tong

Emmie has a superb language talent, work, and adaptability, with the Eastern women's meticulous tenacity and native straightforward character. It is this principle of treating others and giving them a very close relationship with a group of local counterparts who are skilled in their careers. In addition, her Cantonese is also very standard. Capricorn, she knows, stupid birds first fly, people Victory, this brave face of the challenge, the character never farewell has become her main cause of success. In just a few years, she was famous in the local brokerage industry, trading volume among the best. Emmie knows that the grades represent only the past and every day is a new beginning.

Real estate brokerage job, a mother with two children is a big challenge. Realtors need 24 hours a day to meet unexpected situations, contribute almost all their weekends and many nights with their family members. Need to have a very keen insight into the market, to help their clients for maximum benefit. These, Emmie did not deserve to say that she did a good job, however, Sky is the limit! Customer encouragement, family support, she will continue to learn progress, better!

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