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Eugenia Garcia & Jeff Carlson



Eugenia Garcia & Jeff Carlson

With Eugenia Garcia and Jeff Carlson, business is anything but usual. 

First and foremost we are a team of agents with effective strategies and superior services offering our clients guidance for a stress-free experience. 

Our innovative approach is twofold.  Eugenia Garcia as Sales Agent handles everything from locating properties for buyers, marketing properties for sellers and negotiating contracts.  Then Closing Agent, Jeff Carlson keeps buyers and seller in compliance with contracts, investigates property conditions, negotiates repairs and works with lenders to get the transaction closed… on schedule.  

Being native to San Diego gives us a unique and powerful insight into the local real estate market and all this great city has to offer.  But it's our backgrounds in advertising, marketing, finance and construction that give us the tools to excel where others make do. 

Youth gives us an edge as we work tirelessly to accomplish our client's goals using innovative and modern strategies to selling real estate. Experience gives us the know how to accomplish with unrivaled results.

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