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the NALA is committed to preserving the privacy of our Clients. This site is password-protected. This Client site is for official use only. Use of this product for any other purpose, including but not limited to, reproducing and storing in a retrieval system by any means, electronic or mechanical; photocopying; or using the addresses or other information contained in this directory for any private, commercial or political mailing is strictly prohibited. The information on this site will not be used for any commercial or philanthropic purpose not directly connected with or approved by Client or the NALA; nor will copies be made; nor will the original information or facsimile be given, lent, or sold to any other individual or organization. The use of cookies is limited to store an active login session to enhance the experience of the visitor who goes back and forth between the public and the private, password-protected area of the site. We do not store personal preferences, personal information or pages visited on the site in cookies. When a person subscribes to an email list or provides an email address for other purposes, his or her email address is recorded. That address is used for sending out future mailings via email. That address may also be used for general announcements. The email address of a Client will never be disclosed to a third party.

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