Press Releases

Press releases are branding tools used to control the public’s image of your business and are an essential building block for ongoing management of a business’ reputation.
Press releases provide earned media, build brand authority, reach new audiences and build credibility with third party validation. 
Carefully crafted and positive press releases  can also increase website traffic, boost lead generation, and counter negative content.

How it works

With the local and national news cycle always looking for diverse content, our Press Release service offers our clients an amazing way to improve visibility and business credibility.

Our Editorial Team, working with your Account Manager, develop a press campaign with multiple releases. Each campaign will not only create buzz and publicity about you and your business, but can also result in targeted and organic traffic back to your website and boost SEO.

Additionally, we can align you with one of our affiliate charities to create newsworthiness for you and your business, otherwise known as Cause Marketing.

Press releases are unique, written to your specificity, and aimed at your target audience.

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What we do

  • We help you determine timely and newsworthy content for your press releases
  • A professional press writer prepares
    drafts for you to review
  • We adhere to stringent industry
    style and standards
  • Design content to appeal to national and
    local news outlets

Why it works

“After writing one press release, I had a new client call me the same day after reading the news release. I run a law practice so finding appropriate leads is a big deal and the NALA helped me by publishing two press releases that will be floating around the Internet now forever.”
– Brian Freeman, Attorney
“I used theNALA for their press release/marketing services and was very pleased. They delivered exactly what was promised and then some.”
– Alexandria Zant, Attorney
"I've been working with the NALA team for about 6 months and am so pleased with their work ethic, response time and persistence in making sure I get relevant and timely information out to a variety of sources. The articles they've written for my business have given me instant credibility which would have taken many more years to accomplish on my own. I highly recommend their services."
– Dina James, Realtor
"About a month after I signed up for the NALA, I received a call out of the blue from a local reporter at Channel 9 News wanting me for a segment they were going to air that evening. She was on a deadline and said she found me online. I am positive it was because of NALA that she found me. Again, thank you. I look forward to a continued business relationship."
– Mark Kennedy, Wealth Management
"Since signing up with the NALA, I have noticed a significant increase in my sales. I must give credit to the NALA press releases. I have taken full advantage of them, sending 4 out this year. They bring awareness to my company and help bring credibility and a time line to what I have been doing in my business this year - from new products, to non-profits I work with to even a Facebook contest. Thank you, NALA!"
– Tom Gakis, Contractor
"I recently signed up with the NALA news division and as soon as my first press release went out, two of the most important media outlets in my area ran my story. I have received a great amount of input from folks that saw the release. Thank you, NALA News!"
– Craig Campbell, Insurance Agent
“I am fairly new to NALA. Once I provided the "meat" necessary for the first release, things started to happen. I was immediately contacted by two large media outlets asking for me to write follow up articles for them. It is too early to tell how much it will affect my bottom line, but I believe it is raising my profile. I am a fan.”
– James Robinson Attorney
“the Nala is absolutely the best service in terms of publicists available that anyone could possibly have!! Outside of one other company in the music business this is by far the most productive and useful service that I've come across. They really come through with what they promise and they work very hard to produce the best possible product. I can absolutely recommend them without any reservation!”
– Jack Price Talent Manager
"[the] NALA, especially my account manager, Julia Weikel have helped me tremendously in keeping me and the work that I do visible in the public eye. They provide a service that is unique and beyond just helping you get your website at the top of Google. Their PR services are excellent. Julia is always on top of it, quick to respond, pleasant to work with and I have been very pleased with the outcome!"
– Toni Jaramilla Attorney

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