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Panda Pawer

You’re probably asking yourself, “Why pandas?”. We get that a lot. Our company was born among friends who had a dream, friends who affectionately referred to themselves as the Pandas. Our passion, dedication and enthusiasm became our “panda power” … and that became our brand.

For a touch of whimsy, we changed the “o” in power to an “a” to get PandaPawer -- we Pandas like to say we put the “paw” in “power”. (Maybe we have to say that because maybe was already taken.)

PandaPawer Living Inc is proudly owned and operated by two very dedicated Pandas: Kevin Boie, who heads staging, and licensed Realtor Somair Muhamad, CalBRE# 01956084. 

Real Estate

Simply put, the Pandas are here to serve you and deliver a real estate experience that exceeds expectations! We work across greater Los Angeles, specializing in staged listings designed to sell or lease quickly for top dollar. But we’re also passionate about helping buyers find their dream homes! In fact, with conscientious service and attention to detail, we keep you informed and at ease every step of the way. 

The same goes for, investors. By taking the time to understand your means and goals, we craft a plan that delivers the results you expect. 


When staged your home sells nearly 90 percent faster and for 20 percent more, on average, according to

With that much time and money at stake, staging your property is a no-brainer. And that’s where PandaPawer Living comes in.

We own our inventory! The Pandas bypass cookie-cutter rental furniture and craft custom packages that expertly blend the classic and contemporary elements that motivate buyers and enhance your home’s existing style.

Nothing is overlooked! Our staging covers your entire home, including key areas that some others consider ‘extras’, such as patios, halls and foyers. Partial staging packages tailored to your existing look are also available.

Best of all, when you list with the Pandas, you pay nothing up front for staging!

Our prices for stand-alone staging are competitive and we provide free estimates.

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