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The Johnson Team

We all know what local means, but it’s much rarer to hear the term Hyper-Local thrown around.  Why is that?  It’s because it barely exists in real estate.  Most agents are trying to extend their reach, while we are trying to limit our reach on purpose.  Why?  Because if one agent focuses all their time and effort on a smaller area, then they will be the expert in that area.  There are many agents that work from Canon City all the way to North Denver.  We refuse to do that.  If you need help in those outlying areas, let us know because we have a network of specialists in those areas we can refer you to, but we stick with the areas that we can proudly claim to be the expert in.  Because we refer out everything that isn’t in our backyard no one will know how to sell a home in your neighborhood better than our agents.  We are a large team that focuses on a small area.  Hyper Local Matters.  We are one of the top Real Estate Team in the state of Colorado because our marketing techniques and drive surpass the competition.  But even more than that it’s because we know our market and we know our neighborhoods.  Rather than extending our reach, we go Hyper-Local.

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