Directory Management

Online directories have become an important hub for customers looking for products and services. Your NALA dashboard allows you to monitor everything going on with your online presence. 

How it works

An effective way local businesses can be found is through inclusion in the most influential online directories. Having a finger on the pulse of your business' online conversation is impossible without the NALA's comprehensive online directory management dashboard.

Receive detailed reporting, an easy to use dashboard to view your business' social interactions, respond to reviews directly from the platform.

What we do

  • Easy to read reporting sent to you monthly
  • We send you notices when you get any form of social interaction; New, Positive, or Negative
  • We send you notifications when your listings require action, when we find duplicates, and when we have synced additional platforms.

Why it works

“From the moment I began my conversation with theNALA team, I could sense a difference… I immediately saw my online presence and website become one of the top, if not the top, listing in my area.”
– Stephen Dornewass, Farmers Agency
"I came to the NALA after sinking thousands into listings services with a leading company in the field. When I call the NALA, my Account Manager answers the phone, and is transparent about my online presence and the things I can do on my end to help boost my visibility. The difference in service and results is what will keep me using them indefinitely."
– Yanni Wacom, Attorney
"I was disappointed initially with the many internet assistants that I had prior to the NALA because one of the first things the NALA did was to show me all the discrepancies in my internet identity including such basics as name and address. I was able to see an increase in business throughout the two quarters following my initial sign-up with the NALA. I cannot say definitively that this influx of new business was all the attribute to my relationship with the NALA but the timing is very coincidental."
– Perry D Shilts, Attorney

Be where clients are looking

the NALA’s hand-submission and review process ensures that you look your best across all major outlets.
Showcase your services, engage with your audiences, and watch your business flourish!

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