3 Summertime Small Business Marketing Tips

May 25, 2018
BBQs are a popular summer pastime, so why not host one at your place of business?

For small businesses, the summer months can mean a decrease in business. However, there are tried and true marketing tips that can sustain you through the lean summer months by attracting new clientele, including the following three.

Host a BBQ. BBQs are a popular summer pastime, so why not host one at your place of business? This will give you a chance to meet members of your community while also allowing people to learn about your business and services offered, thus attracting a slew of new clients. You can plan a BBQ around typical BBQ holidays, such as Memorial Day, the Fourth of July or Labor Day. These weekends also happen to be some of the most popular sales holidays, as well. Use these holidays to offer potential customers great deals.

Hold a contest. Another way to get foot traffic in your door is to hold a contest or giveaway. It doesn’t, however, have to cost you much. For example, offer a small prize for anyone who comes in or likes your company on Facebook. If you can afford it, offer a larger prize, which will attract a larger number of potential customers. Come up with a fun theme that is directly related to your business. For example, if you own an ice cream store, have an ice cream eating contest where the winner gets a free month, week or day of free ice cream.

Take clients out for a night or day of entertainment. The Small Business Association states that small businesses, just as much as large ones, should take potential business partners or big-name clients out to sporting events or high-class venues for entertainment purposes. The SBA also suggests hosting a community-wide picnic at a local park or partnering with a local restaurant, winery or bar as a way to say thank you to your customers and build goodwill throughout your clientele. Keep in mind that you can claim all customer entertainment as a tax deduction as long as you can state a clear business purpose for it.

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